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Checking in at the Bates Motel

In 1955, if you stayed at a nice hotel atop a hill, say the Bates Motel, you got a room key that was matched to the mechanical lock on one door, and the key and the lock never changed. This could result in some dramatic shenanigans, to say the least, since keys could easily be copied, and locks were never secure.

Now let us return to Bates Motel in the year 2021. The hotel has grown to one hundred rooms, and now access is much more secure with magnetic key cards configured for each guest and for each room, and are changed for every new guest. Still, this is not quite as convenient or useful for management or guests. Key cards could be lost or misplaced, and if a parent gave one to his kids, he may want the card to give only restricted access for different locations (exercise room, pool) and different times, and notify him when and where they were used. Naturally, to do all is inconvenient and expensive for all parties, unless you can get by using devices you already have. Since cell phones have made such extra-telephony services like convenient tele-conferencing, bill paying, movie streaming, traffic forecasting and game playing, using your phone to replace a key fob or keycard for access control would seem to be a no brainer, and in the present it currently is.

Why Mobile Access is Good For You

Solutions move from concept to reality when they are easily usable, convenient, and cheap. When they are, everyone suddenly needs one. The needs for a parent with kids to keep an eye on them and what they are up to is multiplied manyfold in importance and scale with corporations, who also need to know what their employees are up to, from the places and rooms they go to when they access them. And the solution is readily at hand, and can be on your cell phone, of course. Mobile access simply entails downloading credentials to an individual cell phone which as bar codes that can be used to open doors, safes, cabinets, and other barriers to entrance and egress. It all can be done through a centralized point, be adjusted on the spot to expand, modify or withdraw credentials, and provide full audit trail of employee behavior. For companies that must restrict and monitor physical assets from inventories to accounting records in various locales and for various employees whose tenure and responsibilities are always changing, mobile access control is the best solution because…

It’s Simple – Mobile access control is easy to use, and minimizes the need for tech support. There is no worry about an employee losing or damaging their key card, or giving it to someone who should not have access.

It’s Inexpensive No need for distributed ID card printers and separate operators. The smart phone doubles as the access control device.

It’s Safe - Credentials are sent to mobile devices wirelessly. Data are also encrypted to protect identities and credentials, and can be managed, provisioned, and revoked any time remotely.

One size fits all – No need to redo or replace cards for employees whose access needs change, and no need for a separate employee to reset your credentials in person, like a hotel clerk. Whether one employee or visitor is credentialed or a thousand, employee credentialing is easy and convenient.

Need more info? Let Benecom show you. We have access control solutions to fit your needs, for your employees, visitors, and even folks who need to be out and about at 11pm.

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